Why I love pawnbroking

Why I love pawnbroking


Kia ora, folks.

On a slightly lighter note this week, I thought I’d share a little about my passions and interests. I enjoy sports and fitness, and the blizzard of challenges that come with entrepreneurship, but one of my biggest passions is, yep, you guessed it, Pawnbroking. I love the Pawnbroking industry, and I’m not shy to say it. And, this may be because of the common misconceptions with pawnbroking but when I’m out and about a lot of people don’t understand how I could be so passionate about it. “Isn’t it all a bit boring?” they ask.

Well, you’d be surprised at just how bloody interesting it is.


When people need a quick way out of a financial pickle with a collateral loan, they start eying up all kinds of assets. From phones and technology to gold and other precious metals, to fine art and gorgeous vintage cars, I see a variety of curiosities come across the desk, some of them very rare and interesting.

A few of my favourites? I’ve seen some luscious gold bullion come across my desk and some very rare artworks from British artists Norman Edgar and Donald McIntyre. I felt like keeping those painting for the office wall! I’ve also seen somebody roll up with a beautiful Victorian pocket watch with inscriptions from long ago. Another favourite was a 1989 Harley Davidson – what a hog that was! They used the Harley for a collateral loan, and they were soon back to pay and pick it up, precious as it was.

And then there are those that fall into the miscellaneous column. Such as a 2000 signed Wallabies Jersey. That troublemaker, George Gregan’s, signature was on there so I can see why a Kiwi might want to get rid of that! Four more years, boys! Four more years!


Behind those assets are the people and the stories that brought them there. I meet loads of people trying to do interesting things, launch a new business, reach their dream, and I am so often inspired by their endeavours.

Helping out

And that’s another thing I love about pawnbroking; I get to help people! No matter what the jam or what the goal is they’re trying to reach, The Pawnbroker’s personal asset loans help folks to use their assets to unlock their finances and get them where they want to go.

So, anyway, those are just a few of the reasons I’m passionate about Pawnbroking. I get to meet interesting people, hear their interesting stories and see their interesting assets. Win. Win. Win.

Your assets

Next time you need help with your finances, consider your assets and whether a personal asset collateral loan can help you.

Take care out there.

Kevin, The Pawnbroker

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