Frequently Asked Questions

So tell me what kind of assets you're willing to pawn against? Is it just super high-end items like a Diamond Tiara or Ferrari?

Absolutely not, we will look all things usual and some unusual from Harley Davidson  motorcycles to a 1930’s Koken Barbershop Chair, from a les Paul Guitar to a 1890’s Pocket Watch! Yes we’ve had them all! (if it has a value you can it).


We will pawn most kinds of Jewellery, Gold Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings Precious Metals, Platinum, and Diamonds.


So’ if you have that 1000g Bar of 999.9 Gold, we’ll pawn that to!


Luxury watches – modern and vintage – including Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Audemars Piguet and Tag Heuer to name a few.


We also pawn computer equipment such as Apple, MacbookPro etc,  Samsung  Tablets,( High End) stereo equipment i.e. Bang & Olufsen etc.


We will also pawn fine art, which includes paintings,( so if you have a Goldie on your wall) we’ll look at that to!  Peter Lik photography, stamp and coin collections etc.

If world famous auction houses sell it, we’ll pawn it, and if they don’t, we might pawn it anyway. (However, we may need to have an independent valuation)

What exactly do you mean when you say that Pawns are based on "market value"?

Not all costs are created equal. When you buy that diamond ring from the jeweller, or that new car from the dealer, you’re paying the retail price. If you decide to sell that ring or that car today, you’ll get the market value not the “replacement value.” The difference is what’s called “depreciation” – and it covers the mark-up the dealer has, their rent and overheads and the very nice espresso they give you. The relationship between market value and the retail cost varies by item; in the case of jewellery, that can figure anywhere from 30% to 60% of the retail price walks out the door with you.

Is there a maximum or minimum pawn period?

Pawns are for a three months duration; however, you can always redeem earlier with no penalty. Once your redemption fee has cleared, we’ll safely get your asset back to you (sometimes, depending on where it’s stored, you can also pick it up yourself.) You only have to repay the redemption amount due at the time you redeem your loan.

Prestige and classic cars

We love prestige and classic cars but we know that not everyone has a Ferrari or Aston Martin in the garage, we will look at any car obviously it has to be driveable, unfortunately, we legally have to hold the car during the period of the loan so you will not be able to drive your baby, other than in your dreams!!


Yes!  We will pawn that Lakeside villa you own or even that Penthouse suite, as long as it’s freehold let us know what it is you have and we’ll see if we can help.

Is there a maximum or minimum pawn period?

Our pawns are for three months duration; however, you can always redeem early with no penalty. Once your redemption fee has cleared, we’ll safely get your asset back to you (sometimes, depending on where it’s stored, you can also pick it up yourself.) You only have to repay the redemption amount at the time you redeem your loan.

Where will my assets be stored?

Watches, jewellery and gold are stored in one of our highly secure vaults; which are alarmed and have 24 hour surveillance cameras, giving you peace of mind. Obviously, we couldn’t squeeze your precious car into the vault so it would be stored with one of our specialist storage partners. But you can be assured that your items are secure.

How much can I pawn up to?

Our pawns  range from $1.00 to $100,000+. Our maximum pawn-to-value can be 70% of our estimate of the market value of your asset, and depending on the asset can be as low as 30%.

How Much Will I have to Pay Back?

That’s a good question, the redemption Fee can vary, and is based on the asset and the value of the pledge, we will let you know what you owe right up front, because this isn’t a bank. and unlike the Bank, we won’t charge you any application fees.

Can I extend my pawn?

Yes, you can apply for an extension, you will need to pay any outstanding redemption fee that’s due at the time of the extension. Premier will work with you if you need extra time.

When and how will I receive my cash pledge?

We feel that you won’t have time to finish the coffee that we have offered you!, if you accept our cash pledge offer, we can provide your funds straight away. We can either pay you cash or we can transfer funds into your bank account, whichever suits. The whole process should take less than 15 minutes, (it would take longer than that just to fill out an application at the bank!!)

Does The Pawnbroker conduct credit checks?

A Big Emphatic No! Once we’ve made a decision to offer you a pledge. All we legally require is (Photo ID), there are NO credit checks and pawning/pledging from us will not appear on any credit bureau or affect your credit rating Ever!

What does an appointment at The Pawnbroker involve?

Confidentiality and Discretion are the principle core of our business and we are extremely sensitive to the fact that our clients often do not want their financial arrangements to be public knowledge.

So you can choose to make a “private and confidential” appointment to meet with one of our account managers in any of our offices between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday.

And while you’re having one of our super espresso coffees your item will be receiving an expert appraisal and valuation.

We are willing to go one step further than this.  For those who don’t want to even step foot in our premises, or for whatever reason it is impractical to do so, we may be able to travel to you.  We can meet at your home or office to discuss your requirements and can bring paperwork with us in instances where we have agreed on a loan amount in advance.

It is always best to make an appointment in advance but you are more than welcome to drop by if you are passing.