Pawning Gold and Precious Jewelry | Cash for Gold – Pawn Shop
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Solve Your Liquidity Issues By Opening Your Jewellery Box

Get access to quick cash without having to sell your
gold, diamonds or precious jewelry.

Pawn Your Gold, Diamonds & Precious Jewellery

 frequently asked questions to consider when pawning your Gold, Diamonds and precious Jewellery with us.

Case studies on pawned Jewellery

Ms A pawned a Gold & Diamond Bracelet
to help pay for a holiday,

Pledge Cash Offer

$2000 Term of Pledge : 1 Month


You must be the legal owner of the item and the item must not be subject to any encumbrance or third party claim of any kind


As you can appreciate valuing Jewellery can be quite complex, and although we can determine the Material, Whether the item is made of white, yellow or rose gold – or – platinum – and its carat weight, we can also tell whether it’s a diamond or not, but what we can’t tell you is the famous foursome of clarity, cut, color and carat, therefore we can make you a better loan offer if you have an independent valuation of your precious piece of jewellery.

Gold itself is measured in karats, a unit of purity out of 24, with each karat indicating 1/24th of the whole. Typically, gold jewellery in New Zealand is 9, 10, 14, 18, 22 and 24k

When we consider lending on any type of item containing gold, we look at the percentage of gold within a particular piece in relation to the daily gold trading price.

Ready to pawn your Gold, Diamonds or Jewellery?

Get access to the money you need without having to sell your precious Jewellery, Pawning your jewellery can sometimes be better than selling them outright, especially if they have sentimental value, you could be walking away with the money you need in minutes, your precious jewellery will be sitting in one of our vaults, until you redeem them.