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Pawning Fine Art & Antiques

Get access to quick cash
without having to sell your
fine art & antiques.

Pawning Fine Art & Antiques

Example case studies on pawned fine art & antiques

Mr A pawned his Artwork
to help pay a tax bill

Pledge Cash Offer

$500 Term 1 Month

Susan pawned her painting

Pledge cash Offer

$400 Term of Loan 2 Months

John pawned his vintage sewing machine
to pay an unexpected bill

Pledge Cash Offer



As part of proof of ownership and authenticity all fine art must come with original paperwork or a recent appraisal showing value and authenticity.

You must be the legal owner and the item must not be subject to any encumbrance or third party claim of any kind.


When valuing art and antiques it can take a little longer than a few minutes, so we may need to a couple of days to have one of our experts take a look. It helps if you have some documentation such as provenance, this makes it a whole lot easier for us to make a decision

Ready to pawn your fine art or antiques with Premier?

Getting a Pledge on your precious art or antiques may be a better solution than having to sell them, especially if its taken you years to build your collection, or they have sentimental value!  you could have the money you need without having to sell your treasured art and antiques.