The Wealthy become wealthy because they think outside the Box!

The Wealthy become wealthy because they think outside the Box!

When the wealthy see an opportunity they go for it, and sometimes they need cash fast!

Traditionally you would walk into the bank meet the bank manager and have your loan approved there and then

Times have changed, you don’t  get to see the old man in charge anymore ‘The Bank Manager’ the man who made decisions,

Now you  go through a whole process to see if your loan is approved or worse declined, by someone you have never met and doesn’t know you from a bar of soap.

Banks have gone from being your friend!

it’s like you’re the naughty child and the bank is the  headmaster when asking for a loan (‘please’please can I have a loan!!)

So’ more and more people are thinking outside the box when it comes to loans, the wealthy are no longer using the traditional way of borrowing, these people need speed and convenience.

Something the bank can’t do

So when the wealthy need cash fast, they visit a pawnbroker, but not just any pawnbroker they use High-Value pawnbrokers such as Premier, these people are not taking in a lawnmower or an old microwave to borrow a few dollars, there pawning valuable assets: such as Jewellery, Designer Handbags, Watches and other expensive baubles for $100’s to $100,000’s of dollars

They know when they visit a  pawnbroker they’ll be no application forms to complete, no credit checks and no awkward questions asked.

And most of the time they will be walking out with cash in less than an hour sometimes minutes!

Pawnbroking has resurgence as a lender of first choice rather than a last resort.

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