Sell / Pawning Your Hublot?


If you’re wanting to avoid selling your watch outright, we at Premier offer the best loans on Hublot watches in New Zealand, so that you can reap the most value from your item. Our team of experts has years of experience, and all our valuations are calculated with auction estimates and up to date market prices in mind. The end value will be based on the manufacturer and model of your watch, the condition it is in, its age and provenance, among other factors.

The model

Hublot’s Classic Fusion range is the Swiss company’s most iconic and popular watch – featuring an elegant, simplistic modernist design and high-quality metal construction often featuring titanium, silver or gold – but Hublot also release a wide variety of low-volume special models, the flagship of which being the 130-carat $5 Million ultra-high-quality model. However, all Hublot’s are prestige pieces and you will be sure to receive an offer that reflects this.

The condition

As with all high-quality mechanical chronographs, the condition of the watch is paramount. This includes: the inner-workings of the mechanisms and how accurate the watch keeps time; whether the metal frame is scratched or dented; whether the strap material (leather, metal or rubber) is damaged, torn, faded or rusted et cetera; whether the watch-face glass is scratched, and the quality of any gemstones encrusted in the watch will be assessed if applicable. As you can imagine, a showroom condition timepiece can command a much higher price for outright purchase or higher value to be loaned against, than one which has been damaged.

The provenance

Counterfeiting of luxury goods is rife, especially with the highly image-conscious nature of contemporary social media culture, so ensuring that top-range watches are authentic is instrumental. Especially considering Hublot’s practice of producing novelty or special editions, such as the Big Bang Range, Scuderia Ferrari editions, and collaborative ranges with historic and prestigious Swiss watchmaker Tourbillon, proper certificates/documentation that proves the originality and if possible, repair history, of your time-piece will help us to give you the most accurate loan on your Hublot watch that we can.


If you’re thinking, “How can I pawn or Sell my Hublot watch in New Zealand?”, then the experts at Premier are here to assist you with that also. In order to pawn or sell your Hublot watch for cash upfront, it is important that you book an appointment with us so that we can ensure that the relevant specialist is available to appraise your item accurately. In order to receive an estimate, either fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 0800 93 22 64 to receive a verbal estimate. For a more accurate appraisal, we urge you to book an appointment to see us in our Wellington Branch.