Santa doesn’t do credit checks so why would we?

Santa doesn’t do credit checks so why would we?

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the neighbourhood, a man was sweating his bills, so he pawned his Wedgwood. Okay, so, it doesn’t quite rhyme, but you get the idea.

Christmas is a hectic time of year no matter how hard you try to keep it in perspective. There’s pressure to make your children and lovers happy by fulfilling their wishlist. The family are coming over for Bucks Fizz, ham and roast veggies on Christmas morning and you’re working until 6pm Christmas Eve. On top of all that, your pavlova looks rubbish. However, often the tipping point isn’t pavlova; it’s the strain on finances.

But fear not, The Pawnbroker is a legitimate business that offers a fast, convenient and friendly solution to your Xmas financial pickles.

Quick case study

Client: Sarah
Goals: Make it to Auckland for a once in a lifetime concert
Collateral: iMac

Sarah is a mad keen music fan and was ecstatic when she found out her favourite band were coming to New Zealand. When she saw the tour schedule of Christchurch and Auckland — but no Wellington — she was devastated. She worked hard, but money and bills were too tight to fly up or down. Sarah was feeling pretty disappointed. Then she saw one of our adverts for collateral loans, and she was straight down to our shop with her iMac that she wasn’t using. She got a quick loan, which was more than enough for accommodation, tickets and flights. In the end, Sarah didn’t miss a second of the big gig and got her iMac back after paying back the loan. Easy peasy.

So, there you go, assets you may have around the house are the perfect leverage to get you out of a financial jam this Christmas time. And just because you’re pawning it doesn’t mean you’re saying goodbye forever — you’re simply using its collateral!


When you’re in need of a safe, fast financial solution get in touch with The Pawnbroker.

Take care out there.

Kevin, The Pawnbroker

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