Positives of a Pawnbroker

Positives of a Pawnbroker

If you have never had to use the services of a pawnbroker then chances are you may not know much about them, and like some people you might just have a negative view of pawnbrokers in general`, but in essence that’s not really fair – nor are what they may be basing their views on entirely true in most cases.

The truth is that Pawnbrokers are an incredibly valuable asset to local business’s and the community in general.

However, most people have been introduced to pawnbrokers for the first time on television through the various TV shows for example “Hardcore Pawn” and “Pawnstars” to name just a couple, but you can find heaps of these reality shows just about on any channel any day of the week and some portray a pretty negative sometimes seedy type of business.

The people who are temporarily stuck in a situation, or need quick cash-flow for the business payroll, they understand how helpful the pawnbroker really is.

Pawnbrokers are more than just a place to sell that old antique sword, which was given to you by grandad, or to buy that Bling Bling watch you’ve always wanted.

Pawnbrokers are a vital part of the community and occasionally some people depend on them to help meet their financial commitments.

The Pawnbroker Provides A Service

You maybe a well-off individual with a good job, a good income and there may be a few things that you take for granted that other people simply don’t have.

For example, like having a bank account which is something you’ve probably had for years and most people have one, in the UK Pawnbroking is seen as an accepted alternative to Banks, Finance Companies and Credit Cards

But did you know that there are a lot of people that don’t have a bank account or even can’t get a bank account, and without a bank account, you can’t get a loan.

So what do those people do when they need some quick cash to get through a tough month? They use a pawnbroker.

A pawnbroker will make a loan to anyone, even if they dont have a bank account, the only thing a person needs is an item of value that the pawnbroker will accept, and photo id. (simple)

Gold jewellery is the most common asset however pawnbrokers will look at a whole range of items.

Pawnbrokers Help People with Bad or No Credit

People with poor credit histories are usually in a bad situation, if they need to get a loan for an unexpected expense, and believe me! don’t think this is limited to one segment of society, because you would be completely wrong!

Banks and other lending institutions depend on credit scores almost entirely to determine if they will offer someone a loan and if so, how much it will cost that person to pay it back.

Sometimes the worse the credit, the higher the interest.

Pawnbrokers Don’t Care About Your Credit Rating

To a pawnbroker, someone without credit isn’t a ‘bad person.’ They are just like anyone else that needs a little money to get them through whatever they may be going through.

A pawnbroker will make you a loan if you have bad credit, good credit or even no credit.

And the pawnbroker won’t change the interest rate, it will cost a person with bad credit the same amount to pay back their loan as it costs someone with perfect credit.

The Pawnbroker Gives You Time to Repay Loan

Yep! 3 months, that means:

You’re not obligated to make any payments; for the whole term of the loan, but if you want to you can, it’s your choice.

That’s three months no payments, just pay the outstanding loan and interest at the end of third month. ……and even then if you can’t come up with the full amount, all you need to do is pay one month’s interest and you can extend for another month

Try to get your credit card company to go for 90 days with no payment and see how far you get… Pawnbrokers are far more forgiving and friendly business’s to make loans with by comparison

In My Experience

The most rewarding experience to me is being able to help a client that has no other way to get quick, emergency cash when they need it whether it be for business or personal reasons.

Pawnbrokers play a vital role in the community, and when I see our clients out and about, I usually hear how thankful they were that we could help them when they needed it, we even get referrals.

Pawnbrokers truly help people in the community from all walks of life; pawnbrokers create a positive experience and sense of relief for many. That’s a positive influence that you simply won’t find in any other business.

So if you find yourself wanting or needing a short term temporary loan, don’t dismiss a Pawnbroker, there far more forgiving than the banks and finance companies.

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