My Favourite Watch: Breitling

My Favourite Watch: Breitling

What is Breitling?

Breitling is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Breitling is well known for Precision-made chronometers designed mainly for aviators.

History about Breitling.

Breitling was founded in Saint-lmier, Berneses Jura By Léon Breitling in 1884. Sadly passed away in 1914 and passed the business on to his son Gaston.

Ernst Schneider Brought the company from the Breitling family in 1979 and was owned by the Schneider family until 2017. Ernst’s son, Theodore Sold 80% in Breitling to  CVC Capital Partners for over $870 million. Schneider Family still retains 20% Control of Breitling.

What watches do Breitling make?

Breitling has over 11 models of watches and 200+ styles

1. Navitimer

2. Superocean

3. Avenger

4. Chronomat

5. Premier

6. Professional

7. Transocean

8. Galactic

9. Colt

10. Breitling for Bentley

11. Chronoliner

12. Breitling for Bentley:

Breitling and Bentley Motors Enjoy the longest Partnership between a watch brand and an automobile manufacturer.

In fact, it dates back to 2002, when Bentley, the world’s most admired luxury car brand, launched the very first continental GT.

For this particular car, Bentley Commissioned Breitling to create an onboard clock that would reflect the unparalleled luxury, peerless quality and extraordinary performance of the new grand tourer, which was to celebrate 100 years of luxury motoring.

Breitling announced the New Breitling Premier Bentley Centenary Limited Edition Watch at the same time. It is one of the most amazing watches I have ever seen in person.

Do Breitling watches go up in value?

Most High-end watches such as Breitling go up in value or will even hold their price.

Where can I get a loan or sell my Breitling Watch?

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