Discreet and Confidential Loans

When it comes to borrowing money, nobody wants the world to know that they are temporarily short of funds.  We acutely understand that people like to keep their financial matters extremely private and it is something that Premier Asset Finance completely respect.  The whole business has been built on offering discreet and confidential loans to those who have assets but are in need of short-term liquidity.


Prompt, Professional and Discreet

These are the cornerstones of the Premier Asset Finance business.  When individuals approach us, they need to be confident that their inquiry will be dealt with in a prompt fashion. In many cases a customer will receive loan funds on the same day as they make their inquiry, and with minimal fuss.  The sort of customers that we attract tend to be professional people and they have an expectation on how their inquiry will be dealt with.  We only meet customers by appointment. This appointment is either at their premises or ours. We have knowledgeable valuers who have years of experience within their respective fields.


How Much Can I Get In A Loan?

The quality of our valuers gives our customers the assurance that we loan the maximum possible amount needed based on the real value of your asset. We have the facility to loan up to $100,000+.


Invisible Loans

When we talk about invisible loans, what we mean is a type of loan that leave no fingerprint on your credit rating. Nobody else will know about it. Your bank will never know about your loan. You can have the confidence in your future borrowing.  Our discreet and confidential loan service is unique in that we do not need to do any credit checks or affordability assessments. We will never share customer details or send any unsolicited email. The entire lending decision is based on the asset that you have.


Speedy Process For Loan

Loan applications against assets make for an extremely speedy process. Once we establish contact with the customer and we have your asset in our vault or security warehouse we can release funds directly into your bank account. We understand the need for the process to be easy, fast and invisible. A lot of the time our clients just need a quick cash injection to cover an unexpected bill.  Our invisible loans are extremely advantageous to certain people who want their finances to remain private.

What type of assets can I use to secure a loan?

We work with you and can discuss a number of assets you hold. Our most popular items are Gold and Jewellery.  We have loaned against the family’s second car or classic car. A valuable watch from your collection or that you have received from a birthday present.   We have even loaned against a client’s boat which he released urgent funds but also saved on storage costs during the winter. Premier Asset Finance can loan against almost all valuable items. We also loan against more obscure items, such as antiques, art, stamp collections, comic collections and sports memorabilia.


Proven loan service

Premier Asset Finance has now been in business for over 5 years. In that time we have assisted a large number of individuals who have found themselves in need of a short-term discreet and confidential loans.  Indeed many of our customers have used our service on a number of occasions.


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