Farewell 2017! Kia ora 2018!

Farewell 2017! Kia ora 2018!


Kia ora and welcome to the New Year. 2018! Or MMXVIII Anno Domini for those Latin fans out there. I hope you managed to have a break before kicking off another bright, promising new year.


But first, before I get started, I just wanted to give a quick recap of 2017, and a thank you. It was an excellent year for the Pawnbroker and a pleasure doing business with people from all walks of life. You may remember, my crusade to reframe pawnbroking in New Zealand. I had grown tired of the same old shtick, tired of people assuming that pawnbroking was nothing more than a seedy rort, run by the unscrupulous for preying on the vulnerable by showing how much pawnbroking has changed. So many people took what I had to say to heart and brought their` business to The Pawnbroker as an alternative to more traditional banking. It was a pleasure seeing my personal crusade change and reshape the way people felt about the industry of which I am so passionate, in fact, I’m proud of the role Pawnbroking now plays in modern society.


“… even the gentle reader of the Telegraph has been advised to consider the pawnshop as a decent option when cash-flow problems occur, and considerably cheaper than risking bank charges on unsecured overdrafts.” Why pawnbrokers have become respectable. The Guardian.


I also emphasised how useful collateral loans were for creating short-term capital and I was chuffed at the uptake from all sorts of people. Small, medium and large business owners, as well as people with personal situations, came to me after reading about Pawnbroking, told us their story and walked away smiling.


So, anyway, welcome to the New Year. I’ll continue giving you my updates on Pawnbroking and the legitimate tried, and true, methods that The Pawnbroker can offer when it comes to your finances.



Take care out there.


Kevin, The Pawnbroker

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