Cash for Xmas from The Pawnbroker

Cash for Xmas from The Pawnbroker

Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho and all that jazz. Well, another week of playing Santa and helping people get the most out of their assets so that they can reach their financial dreams. And another great story that illustrates just why I am hellbent on reframing the pawnbroking industry in New Zealand.

A Case Study

This week, another simple case study that illustrates just how powerful a superstar pawnbroker can be.


Client: Local carpenter

Goals: Pay his bills

Collateral: 1989 Harley Davidson


Our local carpenter, we’ll call him Ted, is a hard worker and with a few big bills coming up was waiting on payment for some work he’d done for another builder. Frustratingly, the builder decided to stiff Ted when it came to payment time leaving our mate Ted in the lurch. With final bill payment dates looming, Ted was beginning to sweat.


Then one of Ted’s mates — or as Ted called him “a lifesaver” — mentioned that The Pawnbroker offered instant cash with no credit checks on all kinds of assets. Ted got in touch, and we had a chat about his assets. When Ted casually mentioned his beloved 1989 Harley Davidson, I almost fell off my chair! It was ideal for a pawnbroker collateral loan.


Ted walked away that day with $5,000 and sorted his outstanding bills straight away. Six weeks later he was paid for another job, and he repaid off the loan. His precious Harley Davidson was as safe and sound as ever. Easy peasy.


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So, there you go, assets come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect legitimate leverage to get you out of a financial jam or reach those goals you’ve been working towards. When you’re in need of a financial solution and the old-fashioned low-risk banks have left you hanging, get in touch with The Pawnbroker.


Take care out there.


Kevin, The Pawnbroker

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