A Recent case Study 21/3/18

A Recent case Study 21/3/18

A lady came into the Pawnbroker offices earlier today, and asked if she could get a temporary loan of $750.00 on her Jewellery  we had a quick look and said not a problem! she said wow that was quick! thank you, I have just come from the bank and they said No, they said, that as I have only recently gone into business and I don’t have a full set of trading accounts, they couldnt help. I also told them that I was waiting for the sale of my house to go through then I could pay it back, but they still said No.

I explained that we specialise in lending to small business owners, especially those starting out with new ventures, anyway twenty minutes later she walked out of the office with the $750.00 she needed.

She said that was so easy! thank you for being able to help.

These are the attributes that a Pawnbroker has over the banks “Speed and Convenience”  and the reason that more and more people are turning to Pawnbrokers than using traditional lenders, Pawnbrokers are now being seen as a comparable lender to the banks, after all Pawnbroking IS just another way of lending.

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