Tudor Oyster Prince Watch

$3,250.00 $2,800.00

This Tudor Oyster Prince is in amazing condition and comes with a valuation of $3250.00NZD

Many automobile companies have two different models at differing price points. Well, Rolex has a similar structure with Tudor.

Model: 941848

This would make an amazing gift for him.


NOTE: although the photos look as if it is a gold watch, its actually stainless steel.


Tudor watches utilize the same case material and similar design, similar bracelets and dials. However the movement is typically a Swiss made ETA or Valjoux movement, rather than an in-house Rolex movement. In fact, Rolex manufactures, distributes, and services both watches. But, the differences are in style, movement, and price points. Also, Rolex intended Tudors to appeal to a wider international audience.