Like to own your own business, with high potential and low risk?

Like to own your own business, with high potential and low risk?

Then a“Premier Pawnbroker” licence is definitely the Business for you.

You’ve seen them on the reality TV shows ‘Posh Pawn’ ‘Pawnstars’ and ‘Beverly Hills Pawn’ have you ever thought, that looks like an interesting business or I’d like to have a business like that?

Well now you can!

Premier Pawnbrokers has embarked on an expansion programme to extend its network of Pawnbrokers throughout NZ.

This is a rare opportunity to be involved with a market leader in the (Collateral Lending) short- term loans industry and to impact on the lives of New Zealanders in an ever changing financial environment.

The banks and financial institutions have and are increasingly tightening their lending criteria, due to government legislations etc. Which means more and more New Zealanders are finding difficulty in obtaining short term loans, and looking for alternative ways to borrow cash short term, “something the banks don’t do?”

Our clients come from all walks of life and borrow for all sorts of reasons, and all sections of society tend to be affected by cash-flow at various times of the month or year, whether it’s the small business owner looking to bridge that cash-flow gap caused for example, debtors, tax demands, rent or payroll or Mr & Mrs Kiwi that need to fund school fees or pay that unexpected bill that’s arrived in the mail.

Premier aims to provide our licensee/Partner with a system that ensures their success.

The system is based on tried and proven concepts, with substantial returns on investment,

An identifiable and highly regarded corporate image

Use of Trademarks (Registered and Unregistered)

Group Marketing initiatives and local marketing advice

Unique Software, allowing you to maximise profit

An initial training program covering all areas of the business

Continuing support and Mentoring advice on running your business

Sharing ideas and the cross-pollination of ideas with other licensees throughout the network

Access to already established marketing mediums, such as Radio, etc.

Opportunity to increase business goodwill

Feeling of business security, as part of an experienced successful and profitable group

This is a ground-level opportunity.


Do you have what it takes to be a PoshPawn Pawnbroker? Talk to us today


For More Information drop us a line

Look forward to meeting you

“Your Success is Our Success”

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