Are All Pawnbrokers The Same?……

Are All Pawnbrokers The Same?……

I was at a charity lunch the other day, and as you do, I started talking to other guests, I ended up talking to this guy about what he did for a living, then it got around to what I did, so’ I told him that I was a pawnbroker, and within a split second I could see by the look on his face that he had stereotyped me to possibly what he had seen on the American Reality TV shows about Pawnbrokers.


Which lead me to ask, are all Pawnbrokers the same?….Well the answer is NO – Just like Doctors one may be a general practitioner with a little bit of knowledge about everything, another may specialize in Orthopaedics another in ENT and another in Neurology….But there still all Doctors and like Doctors, Pawnbrokers differ too, in that one may generalise and take anything as collateral, from your deep fat fryer to your 60 inch TV, another may specialise in Computer games and consoles, another in Art and Sports memorabilia and another may specialise just in Jewellery.

But there still all Pawnbrokers!

So’ what do we specialise in?

Well apart from Temporary loans of up to a Million Dollars, on Luxury watches, Designer Bags, Gold, and other High Value Items, we specialise in a “Private and Confidential Discreet Pawn-broking Service

And because we are office based in a building that houses Lawyers, Accountants and other Professionals, Nobody knows that you’ve visited The Pawnbroker, Nobody knows about your business. “That’s just between you and The Pawnbroker

We don’t require Credit Checks, so none of your personal information is passed onto any credit reporting agencies.

We don’t even need an application form completed that usually asks all those awkward questions; and we won’t even ask you why you want the money! “That’s your Business not ours”

Pawn-broking is just another way of borrowing money by another name, it’s just hassle free !

Stay Safe

The Pawnbroker

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