Set In the heart of Lower Hutt you will find The Pawnbroker,

The Pawnbroker has been busy helping people with temporary loans against their treasured assets.

In these times when banks are tightening their belts and lenders are using unforgiven credit scoring processes, people are finding that using a pawnbroker is a very attractive option. The Pawnbroker allows customers an instant temporary cash loan for an agreed period using valuables as collateral.

The Managing Director

Having been self-employed for many years and knowing how difficult it was to get the banks or finance companies to say yes to a Business Loan,

I saw there was a gap in the market for comfortable lending against valuables. Our system works well, “Clients don’t need to suffer the painful experience of going through relentless credit checks, employment details or having to present financials or even the ultimate misery of having to sell their much loved items.

So’The Pawnbroker was established, and as soon as we opened we were inundated with calls, and started to see an immediate increase in the need for this type of business. Most of our clients are asset rich but have short term cash needs; we are able to bridge the financial gap for them, whilst they decide what to do in the long term”

We are finding that most of our clients have been offering items such as Cars, Personalised Plates, Stamp Collections, Coins, and Antiques through to Watches, Jewellery, Gold, Silver Platinum and Gemstones to use as collateral.


We recently had a Builder approach us, who had just finished a building contract, however the company who owed him money went into liquidation, meaning the $7,000 he was awaiting to be paid had gone down the river and he was at the end of a long list of creditors and he would probably never see.

Luckily, he had another job on, but was still $7,000 in the hole which he needed, So he used his pride and joy a 1980 Harley Davidson, Sportster as collateral.

We loaned him the $7,000 he needed, he’s since been back repaid the loan and still has his Hog!

And the owner of a small business who used his Panerai Luminor 1950 watch to borrow $10,000,which enabled him to move onto his next project.

The Bank said No, We said Yes!

The Pawnbroker – Helping People That’s What We Do!

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